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Hello My friends. This is Tedd here and I am a writer by Profession. Its been more than 10 years now since I started my write-ups for various magazines, journals and websites. I always believed in the notion of providing valuable information to the readers and I think that writers generally hold a lot of responsibility towards the masses. If we won’t enlighten the people with our well researched articles, then a lot of topics of serious discussion would never come to the fore. Thus, through my articles and blogs, I aim to make their life easier by furnishing them with the right information about various topics. Off late I have been contributing my blogs to online pharmacies as well, which seem to be the best place to buy medicines. I hope I can be of use to my readers and help them in maintaining a healthy life. Best Regards.

A Positive Mind to a Healthy Body

It can be said with a total certainty that humans are leading very dissatisfied lives. As we look around us, it can be observed that things are not what it seems On the exterior, we can surely see a rosy picture and why not, the world is filled... read more »


Its goes without saying that our planet is getting warmer by the day and this has got most scientists of the world concerned. Of course there have always been shares of naysayers who argue that it would take up million years for the Earth to...


Anger is a very pessimistic feeling that turns up as a reaction on several occasions where things don’t go in a proper manner. More often, we come across people saying, I am very short tempered! What does it actually mean? It is nothing but...


Older Adults can Suffer from Memory Retention, stemmed from Stress

Are you going through your bouts of Forgetfulness? Do you feel that you are forgetting more things as days go by? Well, this phenomenon has been observed in quite a lot of people these days and scientists are racking their brains to understand... read more »


The Man, who gave Terrorism a shocking turn, is finally DEAD!

A huge sigh of relief can be felt across the globe at the moment upon hearing this “did it really happen” kind of news. Just hours after a cold-looking Barack Obama announced to the nation and the world that, Osama Bin Laden, the man who... read more »


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