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When things don’t go to plan there are always payday loans

There are times in life when what’s meant to be the plan doesn’t go to plan, this is called in some circles as the unexpected. When this unexpected happens people often rely on family and friends to help them out through a difficult... read more »


When you have no savings what you gonna do in an emergency?

Savings is an important facet of one’s economic portfolio. Savings are used for old age, college funds for children or maybe even a vacation. These savings are a budget item of the monthly paycheque. Everything is alright if things are... read more »


Looking at payday loans for crises

Who does not have a financial crisis and find that they have exhausted every avenue to quick financial help? Nearly every source requires some form of collateral and guarantee to even consider an application. Besides by the time loans are processed... read more »


Don’t Sell Your Gold Get a Payday Loan

Things can get pretty rough sometimes when it comes to finances in this faltering economy. So now you are faced with a utility bill that is overdue and a disconnect notice for two days from now. You don’t get paid for another 11 days and you... read more »


Loan Sharks And UK Payday Loans

Many people today accuse UK payday lending, as a form of legal loan sharking. This idea is baffling, when compared the only similarities between loan sharks, and UK payday lenders, is they lend money and expect repayment of the loan. When... read more »


Google Update – Panda 3.0 – Not a Google Dance

It appears that many sites are reporting that they have been hit positively and negatively with ranking changes. The changes are being attributed to a new update on the now legendary ‘Panda’ changes made in late February. The original... read more »


Where did payday loans come from?

The concept of lending and borrowing money in an official capacity in an incredibly old one, to put it rather mildly. How and when the idea first came about is open to debate, but regardless of how humble or less-than spectacular said origins... read more »


Devils, Witches and Payday Loans

Where and when mankind first began lending and borrowing money in an official capacity is really anyone’s guess, but regardless of the origins of the practice, it now exists as a part of everyday life which rarely provokes a batted eyelid... read more »


When I was a young lad growing up in the north of England you always knew what day it was – on Sunday there was always a roast dinner, Monday was cold left-over meat, gravy and chips and so the week went on.  By the time Wednesday had arrived...


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