Andy has done his PHD from one of the best medicals schools in the US. He is also a freelance writer and an expert in writing about various health based issues. His blogs and articles are very informative and talk about a lot of disorders which trouble men and women alike.

Memories that haunt you, can they be removed from our Brain?

This is the question we often dream about. There are scores of men and women around who just don’t wish to remember a particular event. There are times we wish that dreams didn’t exist at all, because our memories, good and especially the... read more »


Plants and Herbs – The all potent

While we refer to plants and Drugs as all- potent, there is surely a pun intended.   Here we aim to discuss about those drugs that act as a natural aphrodisiac. The natural aphrodisiac have been often preferred over the chemical as it is... read more »


High Infidelity! Why do people do that?

It has been said the Temptation is the biggest bane of mankind. Ever since “EVE” bit the apple of temptation and sin, from that point on, we have been subjected to numerous flaws and misdeeds in your ways of behavior. The idiosyncrasies... read more »


Sensational Beauty Secrets, you can rely on

Looking beautiful with natural efforts would make it a long lasting investment. Focusing on natural intakes will make it the best solution to nurture completely with making your face the mirror image of your clean body. Appearances, personality... read more »


Increasing consumption of Oral contraceptives among Teenagers

While Oral Contraceptives are meant for the security reasons for adults and the senior citizens, the statistics speak of an ever – increasing number of contraceptives among the Teenagers. Thomas Reuters have mentioned their research speaking... read more »


Experts Say, that “Viagra” can lead to Hearing Loss

Have you been taking Viagra for quite some time? No doubt this medicine is very powerful in curing the problem of Erectile Dysfunction. But new reports are being revealed about the possible new side effects of this billion dollar raking drug.... read more »


High Blood Pressure Is Pressurizing

“All bad things come together” is what we have felt and heard numerous times in our life.  It proves to be true for those men who have been suffering from high blood pressure as there has been a probability that they can be prone... read more »


Sex has always not been pleasure. Fortune favors some but there have been many who have been trapped in the clutches of sexual problems. These sexual problems have been numerous in both men. Erectile dysfunction has been a concerning problem...