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Cruises from Southampton

Cruises from Southampton Southampton is one of the oldest cruise liner destinations. The Titanic and the Mayflower took off from the Southampton port. It is the United Kingdom’s cruise center and an important port city. This is partly because... read more »


Mediterranean Cruises

Considering the thousands of destinations around the world, it is truly amazing that most considering a cruise end up choosing one of an untold number of Mediterranean Cruises. The Mediterranean hoards the majority of the worlds ancient monuments,... read more »


Top 5 Best Guerilla Marketing Campaigns that You Should Know! Consumers usually see about 1,600 messages in a day.  Just imagine, from the TV show in the morning or the newspaper that you read, to some ad that you might see on billboards or...


Field Marketing, Guerrilla Style.

The Implications and Importance of Field Marketing Most new products inception occurs behind closed doors, usually by some creative developers working for the company. They think amongst themselves products they think will be a hit with the... read more »


Scaffolding Suppliers Poem

Scaffolding Suppliers Glasgow A poem by Anthony Shemmans There is a new project, a big tender to do; 600 homes in Glasgow and it’s been given to you; Architects and Surveyors, so much to go through; You must get it done though, it’s... read more »


Experiential Marketing?

Experiential Marketing, Is it for you? Experiential marketing – it’s a way of connecting, it can be immensely successful… however, some find that it is like chalk and cheese. Experiential marketing gives companies a way to become... read more »


How to use The Magic Button for WordPress

So you’ve stumbled onto The Magic Button? The Magic Button is a Customizable “Like” Button for Facebook. OK, there are a lot of Facebook Like Button plug-ins available for WordPress; Why should you choose this one over all... read more »


So you need some Scaffolding in Glasgow?

So you need a Scaffolding Supplier in Glasgow or nearby? Then you are in luck.Glasgow, a place of history and on of the birthplaces of Scotlands industrial Engine. With many residential and commercial building projects it pays to be a Scaffolding... read more »


Which is Better? an LCD, LED or Plasma TV.

Which is better? LCD, LED or Plasma TV? We have all heard the stories, from years back about how Plasma TV’s suffer screen burn and that LCD TVs have problems with fast moving object and sure enough, at the time these point were in some... read more »


Logitech G9x Laser Gaming Mouse Review

Could the Logitech G9x be the greatest Gaming Mouse ever made? Brutal, that’s what I called it, it’s shape is reminiscent of a Futuristic Battle Tank, complete with outer armour if you consider the interchangeable grips that come... read more »


Top 100 Writers – Niche Sites

Here are Top 100 Writers sites that specialize in specific niches:

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