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Where Smoking Burns Your Masculinity ….

Smoking might make a man look manlier. However in real terms, smoking has a negative impact on one’s masculinity and affects his virility. The pathological backgrounds appear to be similar. Smoking has been severely interlinked to erectile... read more »


Erectile dysfunction Responsible For Creating Friction In Couples

A recent study shows that erectile dysfunction is being blamed for the couples breaking after marriage.  It has been seen that around 64 % of men in Egypt face erectile problems.  This problem of erectile dysfunction has been especially... read more »


Impotence: This Sexual Disorder Has A Definite Cure

Impotence is a dreaded disorder today as about 12 million people in the US alone are stricken by this condition. Scientists and medical experts have tried to ascertain the true cause of this problem. It has got to do with the inability of... read more »


Depression In Men Is Depressing

Depression In Men Is Depressing

To be happy and gay is the desire of all. Also the well- known saying goes that happiness does not depend on what we get but what we feel. The so- called need to prosper and perform is not always worth the contentment. Depression is the root... read more »


Erectile Dysfunction Breaks A Man

While virility makes a man, erectile dysfunction breaks him.  The sexual problems are not confined to the four walls of the bedroom but also persist and corrupt one’s mind.  By creating a space in between the partners, it can also ruin... read more »


Sleep Tight…Stay Fit

Sleep Tight…Stay Fit

Quantity and quality of your sleeping is essential for a healthy living.  The National Sleep Foundation says that Sleeping is one of the most essential factors that determine a healthy lifestyle. Also the hormonal system is governed by... read more »


Painkillers Aren’t As Perilous As They Seem To Be

Painkillers Aren’t As Perilous As They Seem  To Be

“Avoid painkillers unless necessary “is what you might have heard from almost everyone.  The reality however differs.  It has been seen that the painkillers aren’t that perilous and can be beneficial in certain circumstances.  One... read more »


High Blood Pressure- Go For A Healthy Meal

High Blood Pressure- Go For A Healthy Meal

High blood pressure or hypertension as it is known is the increased force against the walls of your arteries whenever the blood is pumped.  If the systolic pressure is more than 140 more often or the diastolic pressure is more than 90 most... read more »


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