How To Balance Brilliant Motherhood with the Excellent Business Woman

Working from home may seem like the ideal situation. Just consider the ability to earn money while simultaneously staying at home and spending quality time with your children. Indeed, this may sound like a perfect set-up. You get to be both... read more »


High-End Versus Drugstore Cosmetics… What Is The Real Deal?

Make-Up Swatches Many cosmetic junkies collect such items as often as they can, be it high-end or drugstore ones, it does not matter as long as they get a new one as often as they like. But there are some who are brand conscious and believe that... read more »


6 Tips To A Knock-Her-To-Her Knees Man Of Style

  Planning an ideal date is about knowing the woman you are dating. It doesn’t mean spending much money although it is better to make it personalized and memorable. Make her knees tremble with your style   Most guys have an over-all... read more »


  Glowing Skin These days, people have been busy with work, studies and even their finances to even worry how they look. Sadly, our skin is the one taking its toll from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. We are living our lives at...


Nobody said life would be easy. Nobody said it would be perfect. However, don’t you find life to be extremely stressful? That sometimes, you just feel that all positive energy you have is gradually draining out of your system? This scenario...


Why Vintage Jewelries Never Goes Out the Market

As the world age, countless changes and events had occurred and numerous facets affecting life transformed together with it. One aspect that keeps on evolving is the fashion industry. And since people have this innate character when it comes... read more »


Crafting Sophisticated Steel Wire Jewelry

What is so special in modern jewelry making is that it gives you the freedom to be more creative. There is no boundary when it comes to what material or medium to use. You can go wild with your imagination and what I primarily consider in constructing... read more »


Get Hippy with Vintage Jewelry

  People in the modern fashion world still consider vintage jewelry as trendy and chic to their discrimination. Old era jewelry are considered to be thematic and signifies momentous events to what the world was back then, and that made... read more »


A Touch of Pearl: Ways on How to Amplify Its Beauty

A Touch of Pearl: Ways on How to Amplify Its Beauty

Natural pearls most of the time are treated in variety of ways to alter and enhance its external charm. These treatments either make the pearl more lustrous or modify its color to turn into a different hue. The practice of pearl treatments has... read more »


All of us love babies’ feet. Who can resist those soft, smooth, reddish little toes, right? As we grow older, our feet become less and less attractive. This is especially since it is the one which is being used all throughout the day....


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