EQ3: Can Modern Furniture be Affordable?

EQ3 products tell a story, a story which is rooted in passion for design, hoping to inspire passion for living. Our space becomes our sanctuary where we lounge engage, rest, savor, and create alone or with others. EQ3 collections evolve with... read more »


Hidden Assets – More than Simple Platform Beds

Looks like a simple platform bed with straight, clean lines. Looks can be deceiving though. It is so much more.     Modern Minimalism Rigorous modernism can look trapped in time, which is why a simpler take on modern design is so pleasing.... read more »


All in One TV Stand, Entertainment Center, Room Divider, and Shelving

What is it?  Is it an entertainment center?  Sure is!  Is it a TV stand?  Most definitely!  Is it a room divider?  Of course!  Can you use as shelving?  You sure can! This one little unit can create endless possibilities.  If you’ve... read more »


The Convenience of Click-Clack Sofa Beds

Ever bought a futon and the futon mattress kept on shifting and sliding? Ever experience that annoying tendency of futons that slide off the futon frame? One day you’re watching TV and before you know it, the mattress has slid halfway down... read more »


How Furniture Stores Should Embrace Web 2.0

In this digital age furniture stores can engage savvy customers like never before in dialog at the customers’ convenience without interrupting them while they are in the middle of their multi-tasking bustle whether they are at home or work.... read more »


Emergence of Mid-Century Modern Furniture

Perhaps it’s the Mad Men obsession.  Or perhaps at this current moment in time Americans’ fascination with Mid-Century style is simply at a fever pitch.  Nevertheless, consumers are drawn even more to Mid-Century design.  Familiar to... read more »