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What is MySQL and What Does It Do?

What is it? MySQL is an open source, freely available database system for the web, which falls under the GPL (General Public Licence). It is a powerful system which allows you to create a relational database structure on a web server. It is... read more »


Why is In-line CSS Bad?

CSS is used to style a web pages content. As XHTML is not meant to contain any information in regards to the web pages layout or formatting, CSS is the tool you use instead. Something I see on a day to day basis is web developers using inline... read more »


Great Tips for Creating a CSS Print Stylesheet

When it comes to printing a web page, alot of the time you end up with unwanted and unneeded content wasting your precious ink. This seems ridiculous to me, since creating a print stylesheet is so simple and gives you control over what parts... read more »


5 of the Biggest Mistakes in SEO

As SEO is not an exact science, there is no definitive way to optimize your website. This leads to experimental methods and advice being given online which can end up turning into a big game of Chinese whispers. A large amount of website owners... read more »


Developing a Simple PHP Login

This tutorial will go through the real basics of setting up a PHP login for your website. It makes use of a few simple features of PHP and a mySQL database. This tutorial assumes you have a basic knowledge or HTML, PHP and SQL as well as access... read more »


Developing Beautiful Web Applications Using Ext JS

Ext JS is an extensible, powerful and flexible JavaScript framework which was created and supported by Sencha Inc. Sencha are a leading provided of open-source web application frameworks, providing to more than a million developers worldwide. What... read more »