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My name is Kieron Casey. I am a BA (Hons) Journalism graduate and I blog regularly on a number of subjects including IT, software, recycling and consumer ethics.

The benefits of eProcurement

While many a musical elitist will bemoan the digital age, preferring instead the time they could walk into a record store and route through thousands of vinyl discs in an act where searching for was as much a part of their enjoyment as actually... read more »


How small business software saves you money

When allocating a monthly budget for a small business there are many fiscal areas of consideration that instantly spring to mind. Amongst the outgoings a company are likely to accumulate in a month are the fees spent on equipment and resources,... read more »


Choosing your company’s payroll system

All businesses should have, at least since the abolition of slavery, one thing in common; that is their employee’s getting paid. Yet, despite the widespread nature of this, the whole payroll system is rather complex. Maintaining an up to date... read more »


Decorating a nursery with stencils

Creating a room for your new born child to sleep in can be one of the most daunting tasks a parent, particularly a first time one, will face. As the child will be spending a large percentage of its formative months in this room, nothing short... read more »


How to dispose of IT equipment

Whilst everyone may know certain areas of recycling inside out, there are some aspects that remain vague and ambiguous in what procedures should be undertaken. Separating plastic from paper and dispensing it in appropriate recycle bins may be... read more »


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