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My name is Kieron Casey. I am a BA (Hons) Journalism graduate and I blog regularly on a number of subjects including IT, software, recycling and consumer ethics.

How To Act When Headhunters Approach

Headhunters are those people who are designated by businesses to go out and seek qualified people to come and work for those businesses. When you’re approached by one, it’s imperative that you keep in mind a few tips. These encounters... read more »


What are you Life Insurance over 50 options?

After the age of 50 it can often be very difficult to find an insurance plan that is both of a reasonable price and that is malleable to your needs. One of the best pieces of mind that can be given to someone at this age is that when they are... read more »


Why Have Home Insurance?

There are many costs associated with owning a home. You have to pay the mortgage, the taxes, and you have to pay for all of the utilities – services like rubbish removal, water management, and the like. On top of all of these things, you... read more »


How to erect curtain poles

Curtains are, to be frank, not the most exciting of subjects – their purpose is primarily practical and any aesthetic value that can be drawn from these window treatments is usually minimal and incidental. Curtain poles, however, have increasingly... read more »


Improving your green credentials with Wooden Blinds

Attempts to create an all green household can prove tricky. There are tips and tricks, such as ensuring insulation to trap heat and lower heating bills, that can be utilised alongside common sense – i.e. making sure that access towards appropriate... read more »


Payroll software – jargon buster

When starting a small business there are many factors that have to be taken into consideration due to the tricky nature of this activity. As well as working out a brand identity to match the products that you are trying to sell, there is also... read more »


Engage employees, improve performance

It is no secret that a happy worker is, as the cliché goes, a productive worker. Someone who is content in their job is more likely to try hard, give maximum effort and be of all round benefit to the company who employs them. On the other hand... read more »


Encryption solutions for your business

One of the most prevalent fears of a modern computer users is the idea that personal information and data can be breached and stolen by others. Of course the dangers of this occurring include potential identity fraud and a whole host of security... read more »


Top 100 Writers – Niche Sites

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