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All the Legendary Pokémons in Pokémon Black and White

In the very succesfull game serie Pokémon, there are always ‘Legendary Pokémons’. You can catch them only once, and normally they are one of the best Pokémons you can get. For the Legendary Pokémons: You have two different types,... read more »


The Nintendo 3DS – Let’s Take a Look Inside

No 3D glasses needed :) The newest game console of Nintendo is called the Nintendo 3DS (abbreviated to 3DS). The coolest and most unique feature of this game console is that it has an ability to produce 3D (3 dimensional) effects without the... read more »


Call of Duty All the Game Versions

Call of Duty is probally on of the most popular games in this time. The games from Call of Duty are first person shooter video games. When the series began, it was only available for the PC. Now it is also playable on the Playstation and Xbox. The... read more »


Manchester United

The Manchester United Football Club is an English proffesional soccer club which is playing in the Premier League. They play in there stadium the famous Old Trafford. Manchester United was founded in 1878 as Newton Health LYR Football Club.... read more »


Top 5 Most Difficult Flash Games Ever Made

Since I like making posts about games, I decided to make a post with the top 5 hardest games you can play. And I warn you, these are really difficult to succeed. I don’t think there is a really specific order in which I’ll have to... read more »


Call of Duty Black Ops Multiplayer Tips and Tricks

If you ever have played an online shooter game, like Call of Duty, you should know it can get very competitive. There are a lot of factors, which seperate the good players from the bad ones (noobs). If you play 24/7, it is still possible that... read more »


My fantasy, how will it be in 50 years?

My Fantasy On How It All Will Be In 50 Years, what’s your opinion? Tornadoes, Hurricane’s, Volcanic Eruption, Floods, Earthquakes, Avalanches, Blizzards, Hailstorms, Heat Waves, Tsunamis,  Landslides. In 50 years we have to deal with... read more »


How to find all the golden eggs in Angry Birds

In the popular game Angry Birds, you can find ‘Golden Eggs’ somewhere in the game. If you have one of those Golden Eggs, you will get an extra game to play. So where can we find them? I will explain it here: 1. In the beginning of... read more »


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