Glenn M. Eades is a highly sought after life transformation coach who specializes in helping individuals achieve money breakthroughs quickly and easily. He offers a range of programs for individuals who are serious about releasing outdated subconscious programs and rapidly improving their financial conditions. To request a free assessment and strategy session, go to today.

Do Affirmations Work…? Proof That They Do…

Occasionally, I come across someone who asks the question “do affirmations really work?” For me, there is no question that affirmations work very well and are quite effective, and for good reason, too… all because of an experiment... read more »


Reprogramming The Subconscious Mind For Money Power

Money, money, money… everyone wants it, but few people think of seeking out a coach in order to get it. This is usually because most people are unaware of the field of personal coaching, and have no idea what a personal coach is or can do... read more »


The Subconscious Mind and Your Money Life

Just how powerful is the subconscious mind?  Emile Coue’, the father of affirmations, said that when the imagination and willpower are in conflict, the imagination always wins.  After reading many stories of the amazing cures he was able... read more »


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