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Crystal J. Briscoe has been blogging since 2005 & contributing in many websites since its initial career. He is Professional Writer and also technical guru, overloaded with a wealth of experience, and even more degrees, at present learning Oracle Programs, He get pleasure from Blogging. "Action is the foundational key to all success"

Tips to Protect Your Computer from Harmful Viruses

Tips to Protect Your Computer from Harmful Viruses

Viruses and hackers Viruses are a common problem in computers today. Also, it is a growing threat which many mobile phone companies are facing. Today, protecting yourself from a hacker or a virus is probably the primary thing and the most important... read more »


In this modern age many new technical devices are introduces to people like iPhones. This article is all about the iPhone 5 which is a smart phone with touch screen developed by “Apple”. 1-    It is the 5th generation of iPhone....


Easy Methods to Get Backlinks for Your Blog

What are backlinks? Backlinks are links to your blog placed on other sites or social media. They are meant to enhance traffic to your website and also assist in the overall ranking of your blog. In this article we shall focus on some of the... read more »


How to find a Killer Keyword to Promote your Blog

Blogs: How many times you have heard the term ’blog’ and wondered how different it is than a regular website?  Well there is a world of difference between the two. A website is a set of pages online that is made to provide you with services... read more »


Origen of SEO The beginning of SEO project is started when the people are getting much aware about the technology now every kin do of business is working online and they need websites protocol. These websites are over floated in World Wide Web...


Website promotion: There are a number of reasons why one would make a website. It could either be to make his product or service available online to the thousands of people who may not have access to it otherwise or it could be to get feedbacks...


Why Blog Commenting is Not Right Way of Promotion

Making blog is the passion of new generation associated with internet. As it has various advantages. The most wanted advantage is to generate the money from blog. Now a day it is very popular part time job for most of the blog writers. By writing... read more »


Comparison Guest Posting Vs. Article Marketing: Why You Gain More Traffic With Guest Posting

A lot of people are not aware of the power of guest posting and how it will be possible generating more traffic than the usual article submission.  You might not be aware the power of blog and how it will generate a lot of traffic for your... read more »


Motorola XOOM 2 – A Different Mobile Phone

Motorola had been one of several initial firms to utilise their grip in the pc tablet industry not too long ago making use of their XOOM 1 gadget. The initial XOOM had been significant because of its add-on of Google’s Honeycomb Operating... read more »


The Best of iphone 5 Rumors

There are many rumors about the iphone 5 but in the month of September more news comes in media about these phones. Now we have to focus on the sources of this news to consider them true or just as a rumor. The iphone 5 officials are continuously... read more »


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