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Exactly how pet dogs and pet cats ingest h2o is now solved!

Why are dog drinking habits important? Certainly when you have a pet dog you may have normal interest. As well as that, learning the actual details might help you realize why they also appear so untidy every time they drink and just what dishes... read more »


Plenty of individuals wonder the reason why canines lick, so here are the answers. The first reason is that it is an instinctual survival trait. Canines use their jaws as a major connection instrument and licking is an expansion of this. Canines...


Our domestic dog evolved from the common wolf 15,000 years ago, find out where it was generated

Our family dog changed from wolves, which is how come it is a meat eater. This transpired in quite modern times.. figure out how and why. You may think that this issue has been done to death by countless online reports, but the really exciting... read more »


How to do online browse habits in a country relate to genuine dog possession? Do you own a dog?

 Plenty of people possess pet dogs and plenty of persons use Google. In other research I showed that wealth of a country was usually connected to how many instances they searched for dog info. This was even taking into consideration how many... read more »


The world’s very first dog search graph – how to comprehend global dog developments using Google data

I have often wondered what exactly different individuals around the planet feel regarding dogs, haven’t you? Among the most effective approaches to know internationally what individuals believe about dogs is to analyze every country’s... read more »


Five year UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Australia, UK Dog Sector Article based on Google info 2010

In this document I evaluate the seasonal trends (last five yrs) for online dog lookups in primary dog ownership places. We utilize Google trends statistics which furnish weekly growth info for almost any dog connected expression back to 2004... read more »


The internet dog industry 2011 report and seasonal trends

Did you ever contemplate what difference there is in how people contemplate dogs in different places? We look at the  importance people place on dogs and using Google statistics for key dog loving countries and examine their top ten lookups. In... read more »



If you prefer to find exact advice on dog food sensitivity, you can certainly go and have your dog screened at a dog sensitivity consultant. Just like they will do for persons they should skin test out your canine against a range of regular... read more »


I would like you to give some thought to the place that really GREAT all natural dog treats (animal meat founded) should take in your dogs diet. This will become clearer when you realise how connected all food intake is to the health of your...


Over and over I hear people bragging how their dogs eat human food. STOP IT, YOU ARE KILLING YOUR DOG. Table scraps often include veggies, gravy onions sugary things. Why is ‘human food’ so bad for your dog? OK, dogs 101: Your dog evolved...


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