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Right Way to Apply Makeup

Right Way to Apply Makeup

When applying makeup, you must remember that you are applying it to enhance your natural beauty and not cover it. The right way to apply makeup is to emphasize on your best facial features and strive to minimize the not so good features, by... read more »


Learn the Art of Makeup

Learn the Art of Makeup

Makeup is art which gives you a chance to create an illusion that can transform one face into many different personalities. It has the magical power that can turn an ordinary face into beautiful, spotless face. You just need to apply your makeup... read more »


Wedding day is the most important and special day in every girl’s life and she wants to look perfect on this day. Brides must understand that everyday makeup is different from bridal makeup. If you want to look your best on your big day, learn...


Best Makeup Trends for 2011

Every girl wants to look beautiful and gorgeous. Looking beautiful makes her feel good about herself, it makes her feel special and loved. She feels more confident when she sees a priceless smile, shiny hair and beautiful glowing face in the... read more »


Easy Makeup Tips for Acne Prone Skin

Every woman dreams of a beautiful, spotless skin that is free of blemishes, scars and spots. Many women go in for expensive artificial and cosmetic procedures to get that flawless skin. However, spotless, beautiful skin is not as difficult to... read more »


Tips for Long Lasting Lipstick

Lips are the most attractive feature on any women’s face. These are the frame to that beautiful smile. You just need to add color to that frame and you can make any man your slave. Every woman loves to wear lipstick and wants it to last long. However,... read more »


Tips on How to Do Nail Art

Tips on How to Do Nail Art

The origin of nail art goes back to 3000 BC and is credited to Chinese. These days nail art has become an important fashion gadget and a style statement. In the article, you will find basic tips on how to do nail art. Women love to get their... read more »


Right Lipstick Application Technique

Your lips are the first thing that draws people’s attention when you communicate with them. This is why it becomes really important to choose right lip makeup and give careful attention to lips when applying it. You can look sexy, chick, the... read more »


Women’s Beauty Secret

“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.” This classic saying doesn’t hold any significance today. Though we say it’s what’s inside that really matters, still we judge others on the basis of what we see outside. Looks are the first... read more »


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