Make Your Californian Holiday Complete by Visiting Venice Beach California

You would have been to a million holiday destinations, but none of them can match the feel and excitement, which can be availed at the Venice Beach California. There are experts from different part of the country, who believe that “You might have been to different attractive locations in the Californian state, but your visit will be incomplete if you are yet to be in this picturesque location.”

They say that it is about the 3-mile beach, which makes Venice Beach, a must visit place in the country. Walking along the coastlines and the warmth of the sun is no doubt a priceless experience. However, that is not just what lures visitors to this place.

By paying a visit to Venice Beach, you are giving yourself an opportunity to be a part of the Venice Beach Art and culture that paved the way to the modern skateboarding. Again, if you are here, you cannot miss out on shopping activities, as there are innumerable places to shop and gawk. You can also find time to dine in quality restaurants and bars. There is also scope for sports and other recreating activities.

Let us check out some of the must-visit places in Venice Beach, California:


Venice Beach CA

Venice Beach CA

Venice Beach Boardwalk

You should not miss out on visiting the Venice Beach Boardwalk, as it is amongst the top tourist attraction in the southern part of California. Known as a virtual sidewalk circus, some find it to be a Walk & Roll Skin Show. You are going to come across numerous shops offering different cuisines, souvenirs and t-shirts. There are also courts, where you can play handball, basketball, paddle tennis and shuffleboard. Again, during summers, the streets are filled with innumerable street performers and becoming a part of Venice Beach News. You will find jugglers, singers, musicians, acrobats, magicians, comics and fortune tellers. Don’t get shocked if you come across painted faces, tricolor hairdos, bizarre clothing (or should I say the lack of it) and weird tattoos. All these are signature of Venice Beach Boardwalk and its surrounding area.

The Beach

Now other than the Boardwalk, the other place to be is The Beach in Venice Beach California. It is one of the reasons, why the place has become a sought-after holiday location in the country. You should not miss out on going there. The 3-mile beach gets manicured on a regular basis. So you should not hold yourself back. Grab a towel and run to the sand. There options to rent surf, skim and body boards at different sports on the beach, in case you do not have one with you already. Again, you can always grab a Frisbee to play the catching game. There is also a lot of room for playing soccer. With the presence of numerous sets of nets, you can even feast yourself with the game of volleyball. And when it’s all set and done, you can go for a swim in the largest ocean of the world. And that’s not it. You can even have a stroll at the beach at night or day with someone special to add more sensuousness to your vacation.



Venice Skate Park

Venice Skate Park was a bit more than USD 3.4-million project, when a public skate park that covered around 16,000 square foot was transformed. This decision made the Venice Beach News, then. Originally known as The Pit, there has been terrain designed that could test the skills of many of the professional skaters from different corners of the globe. This may be the only skate park in the world, which is located on the beach. It has couple of bowls and a street section alongside rails, platforms and steps. There is also the snake run for skaters, who love to go that extra mile.

Venice Beach Art & Venice Beach Music

For generations, has been amongst the reasons why Venice Beach California has been the centre of artistic creativity and inspiration.

There is a Venice Art Crawl, which takes place on a monthly basis. It is a beautiful artistic journey, which takes place on the 3rd Thursday of every month. You will find Art Crawlers hitting the Venice Boardwalk and admiring the Venice Beach art works on display from both seasoned as well as new artists from the area.

Venice Art Walls is another must watch place in Venice. It is located in the old pavilion and opens on weekends and holidays during the day hours.

There is also the Venice Art Walk, which you will definitely enjoy, if you are there with your family. It is an annual event taking place in a weekend during May. There, you can have the taste of Venice Beach Music, food and architecture. You will also get the opportunity to talk to some of the renowned artists in the area as well.

Venice Beach Music Fest: There are also different events taking place for celebrating the creative spirit in the people from the city. In August 2011, Venice Beach Music Fest will be the place to be, as it is going to witness some of the best voices and artists in the area. This music fest has been making the Venice Beach News for all the efforts, which have been put into it.

Venice Beach Bar and Restaurants

Now, all this while, I have been discussing about places, which can soothe your mind throughout the day. However, we haven’t yet come across anything, which can fill the needs of those people, who love to drain themselves dry by partying all night. The moment, the sunshine starts fading, there is a different feel in the air. People in Venice Beach California love to party all night. And for that, there are innumerable . Some of the popular ones in the area include Sidewalk Cafe, Primitivo Wine Bistro, Air Conditioned Supper Club, Hal’s Bar & Grill, Brig, Otheroom, Pussycat Beach, High Rooftop Lounge and C & O Trattoria. With every step you take, you will find another option for yourself. And you would wish to extend your stay, just to enjoy at each of those options.

And if you think that is it at Venice Beach California, you have something coming. If I keep on writing, it may take me a while. So, without waiting any long, pay a visit to this wonderful place and find out for yourself what this picturesque location has on offer for you!



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