Peace and harmony.  The roof of the world, Nepal and Tibet are also home to some of the world’s oldest religion’s holiest sites and relics.  Monasteries perched on insurmountable mountains, clinging to craggy snow covered rocks.  Monks diligently at study, hours each day chanting, praying, and other monastic pursuits.  Weeks journey away from the bustling cities and car crammed roads, the life high in the mountain tops is outside of the ordinary.  Few westerners get to see this way of life, and few foreigners are seen.  The meditation rituals that have brought enlightenment and journey to generations in these snow peaked mountain tops secret is out though.  In the 21st century, many are interested in learning the secrets of the monks and the spiritual journey they take.

In the 21st century, many peoples journey starts from the home, using the Internet to learn and read the ancient texts.  But beyond the texts, the physical world too needs to be accentuated to bring inner peace.  Though the sites, smells and feelings of Tibet may be thousands of miles away, global trade has brought their goods and wares to your home at the click of a mouse.

From meditation rugs to Fung Shui mirrors, Silver Sky Imports brings the best of the Himalayas from their warehouse to your flat. Because the search is half the journey, why not surround yourself with the best quality and most authentic products brought to your door through the Internet.

If you are looking to begin the search, then look no further.  Silver Sky makes it easy to embrace new decorations that echo the chants of a thousand monks.Find the imports that work best in your house. Try a Crystal Singing Bowl or  a Mediation rug.  They bring warmth and good fortune to your house and look great too. If they are not to your taste, then look around and find an authentic replica to make your house a home.

Your journey awaits you.  From your home to the Himilayas in one step and back again from the sacred into your home with a second step.  The thin veil lifts with your very own gifts and goodies from the land of the Silver Sky.


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