Scaffolding Suppliers Glasgow

A poem by

Anthony Shemmans

There is a new project, a big tender to do;
600 homes in Glasgow and it’s been given to you;
Architects and Surveyors, so much to go through;
You must get it done though, it’s worth 40 million to you.

From safe working heights and materials to source;
Builders and Plumbers, Google, of course;
Your searches will work, suppliers you’ll find;
The problem will be, all sorts and all kinds.

Finding the good ones, it will take you a long time;
A team you’ll have working, sorting out the prime;
Awards and Quality should be your advice;
Plus of course, the very best price.

We are Scaffolding Erectors, so you know;
All day long, up and down the ladder we go;
Erecting Scaffolding, always safe and starting low;
Before you know it, it’ll be time for us to go.

Then in come the builders, with your new homes to grow;
Thousands of bricks, cement and sweat below;
The roofers arrive, so soon it will be dry;
Perhaps we will come back and give it our eye.

The sparkies are here and the plumbers too;
There’s still so many jobs still left to do;
Tiling and Plastering and carpets to lay;
Under floor heating? What more can I say.

Solar Panels for Water, all fitted and green;
It’s so environmentally friendly, they just need to be seen;
The Scaffolding Erected, it’s done a great job;
Protecting the contractors, even your Bob.

Central Scaffold Caledonia, we’ve done all this before;
At hundreds of sites, perhaps even more;
We’re time served tradesmen, we are, you know;
We’re definitely the best, in all of Glasgow.

For Scaffolding Erection, the best in the Land;
You can certainly count on us, it is our brand;
From start to finish, we cover it all;
So no more searching, just give us a call.

Thanks for reading my light-hearted poem about the scaffolding industry;

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