There are obviously many types of movies thanks to Hollywood’s seemingly never-ending habits of trying to churn the maximum number of movies each year, regardless of their quality. There are however a few extremely impressive movies that turn up from time to time. These movies may cause quite a buzz or may altogether go unnoticed, but they have things about them that can only cause admiration whether or not you actually hate the movie. This list looks at the three most impressive movies ever.

The movie:The Dark Knight

Obviously, much was said about the fact that the supporting actor, Heath Ledger, died just before the movie was released, but that should not take away from the fact that The Dark Knight is one of the most impressive movies of the recent years. In addition to Heath Ledger’s absolutely fantastic portrayal of everybody’s favorite Batman villain, The Joker, The Dark Knight is an impressive feat that combines unique ideas with Christopher Nolan’s breathtaking direction.

These feats include a minimum use of special effects, even during the most far-fetched scenes. The hospital was actually a real building and was actually blown up while Ledger was walking in front of it, and a real truck was flipped in the middle of Chicago. Consider that it’s a superhero movie, and you can consider why it is so impressive.

The movie: Fight Club

Yes, “you do not talk about Fight Club”, but it would be difficult to praise the movie without talking about David Fincher’s most impressive movie to date. With one of the most shocking twist endings ever that will outright knock viewers out, Fight Club is a rash adrenaline boost that breaks all the usual movie conventions. It does a formidable job of delivering its twists and boasts the most thrilling pacing found in a Hollywood movie. Add to this two brilliant actors in Brad Pitt and Edward Norton, and Fight Club easily establishes itself as a thoroughly impressive movie

The movie: Apocalypse Now

Apocalypse Now is often regarded as a perfect example of an epic movie. It turns out that the production of the movie was equally epic. Indeed, the production of Apocalypse Now was riddled with problems which include, but are not limited to, having to film right next to a real war zone, not having any backup whatsoever from the US authorities, actors falling sick on the set due to poisoned food and adverse climatic conditions, and Francis Ford Coppola being insanely difficult to satisfy.

Strangely, all these problems did absolutely nothing to prevent Apocalypse Now from being one of the most critically acclaimed movies of its generation. It eventually went on to become one of the finest war movies ever and is often quoted as hand downs the most impressive movie that was ever created. The funny thing is that Apocalypse Now was supposed to be a “small personal project” as quoted by Coppola himself.

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