Ever since the movie business began the use of storage facilities has featured heavily in many films.  They make a great backdrop for both dramatic scenes and ones that are full of suspense.  This has perhaps to some extent soured the reputation of storage facilities as places that are frequented by crooks and murderers.  In reality they tend to be well maintained and secure areas – especially more modern facilities.  However, that doesn’t stop us from loving a good storage movie scene.  Here we look at our three favourite storage based movie scenes of all time.

Raiders of the Lost Ark

In this classic 1980s adventure film, Indiana Jones battles against Nazi forces in a race to reach the Ark of the Covenant first.  After the Nazi’s come to a somewhat unpleasant end, the archaeologist and his female companion Marion are left in possession of the treasure.  At the end of the film we see Jones talking to some Army intelligence officers, explaining that the Ark is in a safe place being studied by “top men”.  The screen then cuts to a huge storage facility where we see the Ark, inside a wooden crate, being wheeled through stacks of similar looking creates.  Whilst quite tame in terms of action, the scene is shot beautifully and pays homage to the many conspiracy theorists that believe the US Government have in their possession many weird and wonderful artefacts.


In his first scene as James Bond, Pierce Brosnan makes a raid into a Soviet chemical weapons factory.  Along with his sidekick 0006, played by Sean Bean, Bond gets involved in a gun fight, which ends with a daring escape in a plane as explosions rage around him.  During the fight 006 is shot and killed – or is he?  The weapons factory is a dark and gritty environment which was actually filmed at a storage facility in Watford, England.  Whilst the scene would be memorable as it is; the fact that it was Brosnan’s first as Bond makes it even more special.

The  Silence of the Lambs

In this classic psychological thriller FBI Agent Clarice Starling, acting on a clue from Hannibal Lector, investigates a self storage unit in Baltimore.  With no support or guidance from the facility owner or his driver, she scrambles into the abandoned storage unit in search of clues.  As we watch the viewers sense the fear of the vulnerable and yet determined Starling as she continues her search.  It is one of the finest suspense scenes of any film and after a few jumpy moments it culminates with the discovery of a severed head.


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