Tattoos and Piercings – Body Art

In recent times, body art or skin art has become a very popular fashion among the people of different ages. Body art originated in ancient times and was very popular among different traditions and tribes in various regions around the world.  Each race and tradition in the world has some unique body art which gives its inimitable characteristics.  Here we will see how different types Tattoos and Piercings emerged as body art.

Body Art – Tattoos

sexy lower back tattooTattoos are one of the most common types of body art seen since olden days, which was found only in certain tribe or race of people.  Both men and women in the tribe used to have the tattoos. The patterns and designs used to shape on the body was symbolic representation of their gods or some other celestial forms which they used to respect and follow. There are many other forms of tattoos or body art which overall tells about the person.

The body art or tattoo patterns and designs vary from different regions to different tribe as every society has its own traditions and cultures. However, in modern times, there are no barriers between any cast and race and the great artistic tattoos and body arts are created by mixing up the various designs and patterns of different origins. The tattoo and the body art enthusiasts are researching on the various styles of art form of ancient culture and worked ahead to create new styles and outstanding designs and patterns for the latest trends.

Majority of the people get tattooed on the visible parts of their body such as back, arms, shoulders, legs or chest. Individuals are looking for various kinds of tattoo or body art patterns and designs which suit them. Following mentioned are some of the different types of body art to get you an idea about the pattern and designs of different forms of body art. Tribal tattoos such as and shoulders are very popular among the young generation. You can find many free tribal tattoo designs at

Picture tattoos is a modern type of body art to decorate your body. It tells about the individual’s taste, style, personality and creativity as it is said that images expresses a thousand words. Stylish picture tattoos comprise of dragonfly, star, rose, angel, butterfly, crown, lion, fairy, heart and many other designs. The popular and extensively used images include zodiac signs, tribal, religious and Celtic images.

Another type of body art is tattoos which is everlasting and are shaped using colored equipments placed below the skin surface. There are many common explanations that people get tattooed, such as to show the uniqueness and personality, or gratify the partner and many other things.

Body Art – Piercings

There are temporary tattoos like body piercing, word piercing, nail art, body paint, airbrush, henna art and implants. Tooth art is a kind of body art which is even temporary and permanent. There are some permanent body art like Scalpelling which is related to piercing, Branding art is done through burning the skin using very cold or hot branding iron to mark a pattern on the skin, Scarification is an another type which involves scratching, etching or some type of  cutting or superficial notch as a permanent body alteration.

When you are searching for a perfect and unique tattoo or body art, the basic thing you need to have is a craving for self expression and a love for it. Be clear with the pattern and the design which is something special to you, as it will be a part of your body for a long time in your life. Though it does not seems to be very significant job to you, you still must take it as a serious one as you have made your mind to go for it.


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