CartoonsMore and more people are starting to watch cartoons. New, animated movies are really going to be on top. Until 10-15 years ago, cartoons were followed only by kids, now things are a little bit different; for many adults it’s a real pleasure to watch cartoons. Many people are watching even daily episodes at TV. It’s fair… myself too, I have a weakness for Tom and Jerry…but I claim to say that almost everyone likes Tom & Jerry.

The ease that we can watch cartoons these days make them more popular and more viewed. There are many websites on the internet which offer all kinds of cartons for free, even if you want to see Tom & Jerry, Popeye the Sailor, or even Chuggington.  As long as the internet allows me to watch which cartoon I want and when I want, I will continue to watch my favorite ones.

A phenomenon that gets bigger and bigger is the animated movie industry; these are a kind of cartoons, but a little more realistic and with subjects that can raise the interest of any man. These animated movies can represent anything. The first animation movie was created as a low budget movie. The funds weren’t enough for a real movie and so this phenomenon starts. Now, month after month new animated movies appear, and many of them are really popular, really appreciated and you’ll find them usually at the Box Office.

A normal cartoon has the intention to amuse you for a few minutes, but an animated movie doesn’t just amuse you, an animated movie has the capacity to induce you in this character. A good animated movie will make you feel the positive and negative emotions. I have to say that all and animated movies give you a state of relaxation bigger than any usual movie and I recommend to be watched Sunday morning, or in days that you really want to relax.

Now it is fashionable to watch animated movies and even cartoons; almost anyone who has a habit to watch movies, has seen at least one animated movie. I will list here some animated movies that I like and I recommend them:  Kung Fu Panda (1 and 2), Rio, Up in the Air, Toy Story, Wall-E and the list can continue. I wasn’t a fan of these kind of movies until I saw Wall-E in 2008, and since then I make time to watch the newest animation movies.

Anybody can say whatever he wants, but me, even if I’m not a child anymore, I like to watch cartoons and animated movies.




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