I have been an Internet marketer for ages and one of the troubling things I noticed is that the Internet is getting loaded with spam to “just low quality” content by me and my marketers friends.

Why ?

The answer is simple and obvious, we want as many links and traffic to our websites/blog with the minimum effort. But, we also miss an important point:

Quality is almost always better than quantity for the long run. There is an illustion in which I can create 1000 new backlinks to my site/blog in 1 hour work and that is better than anything else I can do in that 1 hour. Thats an illusion, cause I can write a very high quality content in 30 minutes (if its about a subject I have a passion about) and then I can syndicate that content in several high quality websites/blogs. At the end of that hour I will have “only” several backlinks to my site but they will be much more powerful from the crappy 1000:

A. The SEs take into account the sources of the backlinks, so if a quality blog/site agreed to put my content on it (and if its a high quality content many will be happy to do so) its worth thousands of crappy backlinks.

B. Traffic. You will get high quality traffic from your high quality content.

Ok, so what happened is that tons of sites emerged and offered their users to put their quality content on them (huboages, squidoo, etc.), the problem was that these sites started getting so much content they couldn’t monitor its quality and me and my “friends” started putting there low-medium quality content.

Thats what happens until that day, tons of Internet marketers writing content with a “minimum needed” quality just to get their backlinks, and the big guns sites that rely on user content just can’t review all of it, and the Internet is getting full with garbage.

Whats the solution?

Creating blogs like this one :)

Blogs (sites) that are exclusive, that won’t become monstrous in size so the review process will become futile. Exclusive blogs that accept exclusive amount of writers that maintain high quality content. In that way everyone wins:

1. The Internet being filled with rich, unique and high quality content.

2. The writers receiving their links and traffic from valued site with lots of SEs love, authority and quality.

3. The blog/site that grows all the time with new quality content.

Bottom line, all what is needed is to a bunch of high quality blogs to emerge and allow exclussive group of their users to become their writers, big enough group so the growth rate of the content will offer  a comprehensive overview for variety of subjects and small enough so the owner will be able to monitor the content and keep the quality as high as it can get.

Want to become a writer in this blog?

Write a comment with your details and email in the email field and I’ll get back to you asap.



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