First let me start with trying to make some sense into Google latest (February 24) algorithm change.

Lets start with Googles problem:

There are lots of sites with huge amount of low quality content. On one hand Google wants to benefit websites with lots of content, on the other hand websites with lots of low quality content is Googles worst nightmare.

One of the most challenging things for Google is to create an automatic algorithm to identify low quality content, I mean, even for us humans it takes some efforts sometimes until we recognise content as poor (and sometimes we think of poor content as good one, look at the terrible endless sales pages that convert like hell… some people actually “buying” that crap).

How did Google solve that problem?

They didn’t. They just created a patch, artificial short-term-unsatisfactory solution, proof is: tons of autoblogs and other low quality sites jumped in the SERPS while tons of legitimate high quality sites sank to oblivion.

Here is what I think Google did (well, I’m sure they did lots of things and I’m simplifying it but I guess its good enough), they focused on sites with lots of content, thinking, if a site has million pages or more there is no way the content was moderated in a good enough fashion to maintain it high quality.

That is why most of the article directories got hit so hard. Why some article directories/content farm survived ? Why some smaller sites got hit? Cause with Google things are not that simple, they probably created more filters which rescued some of the article directories and hurt some smaller sites. Anyway “innocents” and “criminals” were hit by Googles irresponsible shooting party.

What’s in the Future?

Google will not rest, the criticism about their spammed results won’t let them rest and with time they will get better at hitting the sites with low quality and leaving alone those with high quality, but it will take time. For now, article directories/content farms as a whole are in trouble.

The “content farm” problem

Lets talk about “content farms” that had real intention to create legitimate high quality “content monster” (a positive monster ;) ). Lets take as an example. I think they did their best to keep their contents quality as high as possible. Anyone who tried submitting his articles to EzineArticles knows how long it takes for the articles to be approved and that many times the articles are disapproved for minor reasons.

And still, their contents quality is not that good, they don’t stand a chance… Why? How can a site really keep an eye on over 15 million articles (they actually have more than 24 million indexed pages but “only” about 15 million articles), how can they moderate countless writers?

I tell you how, the reviewers are working according to set of rules, a set of rules that can keep some level of quality but not to a satisfactory degree.

So, even a really motivational article directory with lots of budget had trouble keeping its content quality high enough.

Who does it successfully?

Wikipedia is a great example, the reason their content is so great is that they have huge amount of reviewers with very high motivation that are not working only by a set of technical rules, they keep on thinking about how beneficial is the content to the readers.

News companies are also a great example for successful “content farms”, they obviously succeed thanks to professional paid writers.

What’s the solution ?

I believe that the solution is by combining the strength of these two examples: strong moderation of the content and professional/motivational writers (motivated to create the content to the users benefit). This is where 100 writers gets into the picture :)

A site with limited number of writers which are “tested” all the time and only the best of them stay as writers have the chance to produce high quality content.

Why 100 writers and not 200, 1000, 10000?

Thats the amount I thought will allow me (and a small and selected team) to monitor and make sure the content quality is good. Another concept is, trying to create an exclusive group of great writers is better than creating a site with endless amount of writers which 99% of them give no benefit in their writings to the user.

I believe that the huge article directories are going to clear their way to smaller “expert sites” (topic oriented/limited number of writers, etc.).

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  1. onthefly says:

    Really good post made for good reading and was well writen

  2. Martins Buka says:

    I agree to your point. But thing is whatever barrier google or other site makes. SEO’s are seo only. They will make their way out.


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