What is the Top 100 Writers Badge?

It’s your way to tell your sites visitors that you are part of the top 100 writers.

More then that, they will be able to see your current ranking. Being an active (or even a former) writer here will increase tremendously your authority in your niche and in your visitors eyes.

How to use the badge?

In your profile page you will see the way the badge looks like and beneath it there is an html code you can copy&paste and put as it is in your site. After you put the code in your site the badge will appear linking to your author page here.

You can remove your current ranking from the badge by adding right after the ?user=yourusername this “&rank=remove” (without the quotation).

Your name appears in the badge if you put it into the first name and last name in the profile fields, otherwise your user name will appear. I think that adding your first and last name (or at least you pen name) will increase the authority your readers will give you.

If you think the badge should have additional info let me know and I’ll see if it should be added.

I’d love to know what you think about this feature!


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  1. Crystal J. Briscoe Crystal J. Briscoe says:

    Great Step admin, I put this badge in my personal website I am sure my visitors get more interest in reading my stuff when they come to know I am on


  2. wygk wygk says:

    Thank you, Ziv!

    This looks very good – I’ve added it to the home page on my site. (When authors add the badge to their sites, it improves the rank and visibility of ecotarget.com, which is good for all of us who contribute to the site.)

  3. Fisherman says:

    Nice idea!!! I have included the badge in my blog- i-auto-insurance-quote.com. It is really nice…


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