Adding a featured image to your post will increase significantly the traffic to your post. Why? Cause the image will appear next to your post on homepage (which is the most trafficated page on the site) and that way it will draw more attention:

Adding a featured image is very simple and can be done in two (quite similar) ways:

1. When you add a picture to your post you can set it also as the feature image

2. Setting a feature image without including it in your post.

I will show you an example of step 2 since it includes what you do on step one.

First click this (its in your right bottom corner of the post admin page):


Then a window will open in which you can choose the picture file from your computer, after you choose the file, it will get uploaded and you will see this:

You are done (don’t forget to publish/update the post).

For step 1 (adding a picture and then also making it featured), all you need to do is add the picture as you would normally and just additionaly to clicking “Insert into post” click “Use as featured image” (like in the picture above).

Hope it was clear and simple, please shoot me an email with any question or suggestion .


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  1. mikemike says:

    Love the paint skills ;) Nice article

  2. cobano says:

    Thanks, I needed that when I posted my post.

  3. admin ili says:

    Yeap, Im an artist ;)

  4. Mpr3ssive says:

    Just did it. Thank for the tip. :)

  5. Guido Guido says:

    Just added them to my posts. Now let’s see if it helps to get more views :D

    But you do have to upload them from your computer, when you are getting the image from a different URL, you can’t set it as a featured image :S

    • Crystal J. Briscoe Crystal J. Briscoe says:

      Guido you can use images from any website without downloading to computer, click on image icon under title, use the second option “URL” for uploading images from 3rd website, then click on save changes,
      then follow same step as mention in above image

      • Guido Guido says:

        I did it but didn’t work :S
        Anyway, I have them on my PC which is fine with me ^^


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