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What is the best place to sell my luxury watch?

If you own a luxury watch that’s been handed down through the generations, you might not ever consider parting with it, but if it’s a treat that you splashed out on yourself, you may feel very differently. No matter how much you love your... read more »


Decorating Your Apartment for a Baby Shower

We have come a long way from the days when we gathered for a baby shower in the den of one of our friends, pinned a miniature diaper on our shirts and the one who had the “dirty diaper” won an opportunity to suggest a middle name for the... read more »


7 warning signs that your business is in trouble

Owning your business can be a roller coaster ride, with periods of great success accompanied by times when managing finances can seem like a real struggle. Being able to ride out the tough times by having a realistic and robust business plan... read more »


5 Tips to Creatively Deconstruct and Recycle Your Old House

Today, construction and demolition debris take up 33 percent of the space in landfills. Deconstructing your house is a good way to keep landfills free, and build a more sustainable environment. Many people are building new homes or renovating... read more »


5 Things Every Homeowner Needs to Know About Termites

It’s estimated by Pest World that termites cause $5 billion in damage globally each year. As a result, houses can disappear beneath their owners as the bugs eat through wood, wallpaper, and flooring. Homes can quickly become destabilized and... read more »


What Happens to a Small Business Without a Website

Still think you don’t need a website? Here’s what happens to small businesses that don’t have one: You lose out to the competition. The days are gone when local residents needing to purchase a particular item or service asked a neighbor... read more »


Modeling As a Career Path for Your Teen

A lot of changes take place during adolescence and one of them is a growing self consciousness. It is the transition phase or the first step towards adult hood. They are more conscious about how they look and what others think of them. Few of... read more »


Green Car Insurance 101: A Guide to the Basics

From buying environment-friendly cars or ‘green cars’ to driving responsibly, there are many ways to demonstrate your concern for preserving the environment. However, did you know that there exists such a thing as a green insurance policy... read more »


Heal Faster With the Autologous Stem Cells Therapy

The DaSilva Institute is a centre for regenerative and functional medical care that aims at the wellbeing of its patients in the most cost effective and safest way possible. The team of doctors and researchers at the DaSilva institute has expertise... read more »


Curing Insomnia in 7 Days – How can you do it?

t is during sleep that our body gets to work and repairs all the problematic parts of our body. It rejuvenates the nervous, muscles, immune and skeletal systems. Thus after a good sound sleep we always wake up refreshed and fully energized.... read more »